Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are designed to feature a high energy density, a high capacity, a light weight and a high power. The voltage of the cylindrical type is 3.7V; and the voltage of the button type is 3.6V. 


Lithium ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries employ Li-ion electrolytes and is packed with an aluminium plastic film. It has a high energy density and are safer than any other type of Li-ion battery.


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9V Li-ion Battery W/ Charger (2 Pack)

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  • MANUFACTURER DIRECT—All of our batteries have date-code to guarantee freshness. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the product via the mail, we will respond to you within 24 hours.
  • CERTIFICATIONS—More than 400 EEMB batteries are UL certified. Search "MH20555" on UL for all EEMB UL certification information.
  • MULTI-PROTECTION: Built-in over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-heat protection, and over-current protection help to keep your device safe. Note: The standard voltage of All brand’s 9V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries is 7.2V-8.4V.
  • USAGE—Suitable for smoke detector/alarms, multimeter alarm systems, digital cameras, guitar pedals/pickups, walkie-talkie, microphones, toy remotes, flashlights, medical devices and other high drain electronic devices.
  • SAVE MONEY AND ENVIRONMENT: EEMB 9V Li-ion rechargeable battery can be charged and discharged hundred of times. Its improved low self-discharge rate helps the battery maintain at high capacity after years of use. Diverse functions can be used as a replacement for 9V alkaline or 9V NiMH battery.


EEMB Battery, a 28-Years' professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer, specialized in producing Primary (non-rechargeable) & Rechargeable Lithium battery cells, custom battery packs and batteries with various terminations, pins, wires & connectors. 

Chemistry Type of Lithium Batteries: 

  • Li-ion, 3.7V
  • Li-ion Coin Button, 3.7V
  • Li-ion Polymer (also known as Li-Poly, Li-Po, Pouch Cell, etc.), 3.7V
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate, Li-FePO4, 3.2V
  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Li-MnO2, 3.0V
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Li-SoCl2, 3.6V.  

Popular Models: 18650, 26650, CR1620, CR2032, CR2450, CR123A, 14250, 14505, 26500, 34615, 502030, 963450, etc. 

EEMB is a trusted One-Stop Lithium battery cell supplier & custom battery pack engineering and product provider to worldwide customers. Our sales engineers provide battery engineering solutions within 3 days of inquiries.

We are ISO 9001 Qualified. Most of our batteries are in compliance with UL and UN 38.3. We thrive to provide our customers with premium quality products with bulk savings. We also take pride in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us for large quantity quotes and dedicated engineering solutions of custom battery cell, battery terminations, and custom battery packs to meet your specifications.

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